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  10.          Mme Taxmi Maddar

  11.          M. Rivai Passika

  12.          Abdoullah et Ali

  13.          Mme Taxmi Maddar

  14.          M. Rivai Passika

  15.          Abdoullah et Ali

  16.          Mme Taxmi Maddar

  17.          M. Rivai Passika

  18.          Abdoullah et Ali

  19.          Mme Taxmi Maddar

  20.          M. Rivai Passika

  21.          Abdoullah et Ali

  22.          Mme Taxmi Maddar

  23.          M. Rivai Passika

  24.          Abdoullah et Ali

  25.          Mme Taxmi Maddar

  26.          M. Rivai Passika

  27.          Abdoullah et Ali

  28.          Mme Taxmi Maddar

  29.          M. Rivai Passika


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ALTERDOC est un collectif de professionnels de l'audiovisuel, documentaristes et journalistes réunis autour d’un engagement commun contre les injustices et un attachement profond à la cause des Droits de l'Homme.

L'objectif d'ALTERdoc est de favoriser la production, le financement, le développement et la diffusion - aussi bien pour la télévision que pour le cinéma ou encore sur Internet d'oeuvres que nous considérons nécessaires à une meilleure compréhension des enjeux sociaux, économiques et culturels mondiaux actuels.

C'est dans ce sens que nous nous positionnons en tant qu'ONG Audiovisuelle. Une aventure collective et de partage, pour esquiver les bombes à retardement qui, hélas, nous crèvent les yeux.

  1. La face cachée de la Terre

  1. Actus

Novembre 2008

lancement du second stage de formation de documentaristes au Kurdistan d’Irak

Septembre 2008

Dokanema : Stage de formation de documentariste au Mozambique

Juin 2008

DOKU : stage de formation de documentaristes au Kurdistan d’Irak

Contact :

Alterdoc: an audiovisual NGO 

The Collective ALTERDOC is a group of professionals working in film and journalism who came together through their shared outrage at the injustices in the world and their mutual commitment to human rights.

Among other projects, the Collective Alterdoc has produced a series of short films entitled « The Hidden Side of the Earth » based on the following statistics:  Half of humanity lives on less than 2 Dollars a day.  They are « vulnerable, scared, powerless and incapable of having their voice heard.» (Source : World Bank, 2001)

Their objective is to break the complacent silence by creating a platform where the voice of the poorest people of the world can be heard. Each film focuses on one case, capturing the essence of an encounter and the singularity of a voice.

Each portrait is a reminder that we don’t live in an isolated corner of the world, and that we can not and must not disassociate ourselves from the other half of humanity. It is a reminder that our lives and our futures are intrinsically linked. That awareness and responsibility is not a choice but a duty.

The hidden face of the Earth", a series of completed short films - 2,30' - on people living on less than $2 a day. Shootings in: Afghanistan, Brésil, Burkina Faso, Chili, Kenya, Kurdistan d'Irak, Maroc, Mexique, Namibie, Népal, Niger, Palestine, Pérou, Thaïlande, Uruguay

Festivals : European Social Forum 2003 / Casablanca 2003 / Festival du film des droits de l’homme 2003 / FIPA 2003 / Amiens 2002 / Lussas 2002 / Marrakech 2002 / Burkina 2002 / Figra 2001 / Bologne 2001


Alterdoc is also about sharing experiences.

The collective quickly realized that our plan would need to be universal for it to achieve real significance. ALTERDOC welcomes the collaboration of film makers who from ‘North to South’ agree with our views and want to participate in our project. Several filmmakers have already donated films to the project and the network continues to expand. Our most sincere aspiration would be for this series to grow so large that it would overtake us and exceed our involvement.

Also, the resources generated by sales of this series would help finance future installments all over the world. Breaking away from the unilateral view that the North imposes of the South, ALTERDOC’s next mission is to give the most impoverished zones access to a means of expression through the development of workshops in cinematography and journalism.